Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pimp my Gmail: Backup your files.

I have been using Gmail for about 3 years and have used 5% of the storage capacity of the service without deleting a single message. At the same time I have had 3 computers and needed to deal with the nightmare of file storage. This is what I use for files I want to keep safe and refer to often:

Backup to Gmail: It's a basic program that allows me to right click any file and send it to my Gmail account.

If you are a serious Gmail user then you'll be using Firefox for your browser as it has more features than IE. Regardless of this, Gmail can be a mess unless you use 'filters and labels' so you'll want to create a label for your backup files and filter those files to that label.


  1. My important files are online and secure within my account and accessible anywhere.
  2. Because my files are in Gmail they are searchable.
  3. Nifty little addons let me see the file type.
  4. Gmail keep adding storage space to my account.

There are a bunch of tools that make Gmail work for you so will elaborate on those in future posts.

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