Monday, July 27, 2009

I've been looking at IT Hardware available in New Zealand and comparing it to what's available overseas. My curiosity was directed mostly at the difference in price. This blog aims to share my findings and provide readers to do the same. The following digital camera is a great example of the savings that can be made from sourcing products online.

Palm Video Camera and voice recorder

Palm Digital Video Camera - 2.5 Inch TFT LCD Rotating Screen

3 Products in One
Palm Sized 3.0 Mega Pixel Digital video Camera, still camera and Voice recorder.
USB connection for ease of use

How can you use this product:

* Digital video - 39 Interesting ways to use your pocket video camera in the classroom.
* Digital camera - Claymation, photostory and much more.
* Built in voice recorder - use this feature for digital story-telling, podcasting and interviewing. Combine with free programs like audacity.


This product does not support Mac OS.

Recording time for video. This camera will record up to 1hr 20 min with an external 1 GB SD Card (not included) on high resolution. Without the card you will only get about 12 -15 minutes Hi Res.

Internal: 128MB

External: SD/MMC Card (1GB Max) Dick Smith Electronics have these cards for under $20NZD.

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